Weima Maschinenbau GmbH


Pre-grinders series WLK

Pre-grinders WEIMA are able to process a wide range of thermoplastics incl. PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU and PET, and thermosets and elastomers. Pre-grinders series WLK with an innovative V-rotor with set up of cutting slot SuperCut with big and voluminous hollow parts, long pipes and profiles, massive plastics clods and other plastics waste, incl. PET bottles, fibers, laminated sheets, insulating material, floorings, plastic boxes.


ZM Shredder

- Cutting unit with 2 (or 4) cutting shafts and 2 clearing shafts - Minimum noise pollution - Twin drive with sealed oil bath gearbox - Automatic reversing function - Automatic overload protection - Second crusher prevents long shavings - Fast delivery due to 4 screen zones - Optionally with electrical drop-down screen