IS basic + IS tech

Control units for sequential injection IS´Basic and IS´Tech

Compact cabinets allow control from 4 to 20 shutters of nozzles, programming according to the injection signal or the position/holding pressure screw signal. System offers a multilingual interface, integrated storage of sequential data and security of injection, control switches.

Cyclades terminál T1000 (1)

Cyclades – production monitoring units

Cyclades is a system for monitoring production, in which all information is downloaded from the machines in real time. There are a variety of modules such as planning, personnel management, maintenance of machines and forms that are used to organize and optimization of production. Results of production are recorded in SQL-database and are available in various formats.

8 série 2 zóny

Hot-runner controllers 8 (8 series)

Designed for applications with a low number of zones controlled forms, especially for the automotive industry and technical moldings. High compactness thanks to the cabinet for 1 to 24 controlling units.

M série

Hot-runner controllers series M

esigned for applications with a higher number of controlled zones forms. Combination of 5A, 15A, 20A and 30A regulators cards enable their widespread use from the automobile and other technical parts to packaging and cosmetics industries. The connection of multiple microprocessors allows to control the high number of zones - regulation 8-192 ++ zones

Temperování vodou a olejem

Tempering molds by water and oil medium

Water and oil tempering devices are low pressure devices which have a standard heating capacity from 6 to 200 kW for a temperature range from 95 to 160 ° C (water tempering device) and the temperature range 180-350 ° C ++ (oil tempering device).