Neue Herbold GmbH
řada LM

Blade mills series LM, SM, SMV, SX SR a LP

Blade mills for grinding foils, cans, PVC, PE, PP pipes and profiles, vacuum-formed parts, waste from plastic injection molding, trimmings and stampings, plastic ramps, thick-walled boards, trays, PA-fibers, foil packages, long profiles and tubes etc.


Complete lines

Washing units, separators and recycling equipment for dirty plastics, centrifugal and thermic dryers. Complete lines for recycling of PE sheets and PET bottles, friction and heat washers, separators of fine parts, sieves.

Prachové mlýny řady ZM

Fine dust mills series ZM

Intended for fine (dust) grinding of plastics, especially for PE, PVC, PC, etc.



Designed for disassociating of packages of fibers, sheets, large cakes, straps, cables etc.

Kladivové mlýny HM

Hammer mills series HM

Intended for the grinding of plastics, electronic waste, wood waste, waste mineral insulation, etc.