MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH

Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination, type M/K - Flex-line

In vertical or horizontal configuration for effective preparation of plastics with high performance in the quality and capacity of mixing batches of 7-10 in the performance to 6500 kg/ha or more.


Horizontal Cooling Mixer Type K

High cooling performance with 100% use of available cooling surface, and smooth connection of additional turbomixer also from other manufacturers.


Horizontal Universal Mixer Type H

Used for mixing, moistening, agglomerating, deagglomerated, drying, heating and cooling of bulk material at the same time being stirred vigorously.


Laboratory Mixer Type M

Appropriate laboratory equipment for your production machine. It is equipped with a frequency converter of drive and complete control. The geometry of the mixing tools, as well as stirring speed, corresponds to the manufacturing machine and optimally simulates actual production process.


Vertical High-Speed Mixer Type M

Universally applicable with various possible variants of the drive, the thick walls made of special corrosion-resistant material, with high performance and low cost.


Vertical Universal Mixer UNI TEC

A future-oriented line of mixers with high energy efficiency and maximum productivity combined with predefined mixing quality. The short time required for formula changes ensures high production flexibility.