Eurochiller S.r.l.


AIR + Project provides stable air temperature at the maximum energy efficiency. It consists of BR-cooling battery and AIR + procedural cooler.



Cooling capacity of coolers GC for cooling the process water is in the range from 3.7 to 135 kW. Coolers are delivered either with air or water condensation, with centrifugal or axial fans. Standard delivery includes pump and reservoir for direct connection to the circuit, but versions E and P can be supplied independently without reservoir and without pump.


Cooling capacity of coolers process water MCHILL/TCHILL is in the range from 4,6 a 42 kW. Water cooled units provide a sophisticated temperature control to -15 ° C with an accuracy of 0.2 ° C as well as high flow and high pressure pump.

ABF Inverter

ABF Inverter

Cooling capacity of coolers of process air ABF INVERTER is between 11 and 177 kW. ABF INVERTER combines features which ABF systems already have with a few technical pluses increasing performance and saving energy. Guaranteeing savings of up to 50% compared to other technologies.


AXevo – AXevo/FC

AXevo is a medium cooler of process water (cooling liquid from 28,7 to 224 kW), cooled by water or air, which serves to cool a process water. The main characteristics of the series is efficiency, flexibility and top performance. The FC version provides the economic operation thanks to the „free-cooling“ function – cooling without a compressor during winter months.



Cooling capacity of coolers process water NAX is in the range from 172 to 942 kW. Coolers are delivered with air and axial ventilators. Standard delivery includes pump and reservoir, but can be adjusted according to customer needs and applications.



The cooling capacity of the condensing set OFC KIT is between 20 and 200 kW. These freestanding units provide cooling water to the condenser units ABF / ABF INVERTER.



DRYTECH dehumidifier may work with the flow of process air between 300 and 3000 m³ / h. They're dehumidifiers supplying dry air to form with a low dew point to prevent the formation of condensation. The only required maintenance is to clean the filter.


TFC – Total free cooling

Cooling capacity of coolers process water TFC with embedded free quarto-cooler is between 168 and 701 kW. The design of these units is considerate to the environment through the use of CFC-free technology.



Units DY-NAX are air cooled cooler of process water, which can be placed outdoors and unfunded. Version ADY-NAX (adiabatic cooler) combines the structural and functional features of standard models with efficient energy consumption even at high temperatures. The cooling capacity is between 115 and 691 kW.



Modular non-compressor cooler of process water, cooling capacity from 63 to 920 kW. Ecological alternative to cooling towers. The structure of units and its characteristics are very similar properties ADcooler without the adiabatic system.



Adiabatic non-compressor cooling of process water, cooling capacity from 82 to 1220 kW. ADcooler combines energy saving with efficiency of adiabatic system. Ecological alternative to cooling towers. Video



The group of pumps GRP provide cooling water flow in circuit between 12.5 and 220 m³ / h. In metal frame is placed a water reservoir, pump and electrical panel, controling the entire system. The pumps are centrifugal, high pressure type. Pumps with GRP tanks are designed especially for coolers type DY-NAX, ADY-NAX, ADcooler, Dcooler.