Transport and storage container for the medium performance. Ideal for automated systems such as moving storing container for large quantities of material in the bags.


AZO CleanDock

Docking of mobile containers (eg. barrels and big bags) to the stationary dosing units.

Componenter cirkulární design


Fully automatic weighing in containers - weighing large number of components with high frequency batches and accuracy. This system has proven particularly suitable for automation of complex products. AZO COMPONENTER  in a circular design: We recommend the automatic weighing of a small number of components. AZO COMPONENTER  in a linear design: We recommend for automatic processing of many components. AZO COMPONENTER , full automatic The appropriate solution for places where there is no supply station, for example mixer. It is installed linearly.


AZO MIXOMAT – transport, dosing, weighing and mixing system

For discontinuous gravimetric flow of products, dyeing and mixing the granulate with master batch, recycled material, pigments, additives, etc. Suitable for connection with injection molding and blow molding machines and extruders. One machine ensures conveying, dosing, weighing and mixing feedstock.



For use in areas where it is necessary to mix first-class products. Particular attention is given to taking the material without contamination and mixing of large volumes of material and other ingredients.


AZO MULTIAIR conveying solid materials

High capacity and secure conveying of abrasive products with a tendency to separate. Reducing the demands on the air, wear and tear of product. Reduces dust, energy consumption and workload of the filter, protects the environment.


AZO VacuumPlus conveying solid materials

High capacity and secure conveying of abrasive products with a tendency to separate. Reduces the requirements on air, product wear and tear, power consumption and workload of the filter. It has anti-explosive modification ATEX.



Dosing and weighing of small and minimal amounts- ideal where there is a need to weigh small amounts per gram exactly. Small volumes are stored in the compensatory containers sized according to the frequency of turnover. With a modular and scalable design.


Central weighing system

Central weighing system is suitable for a lot of input and output stations. It combines the advantages of suction weighing and pressure conveying system.



Automation of all additional ingredients delivered in barrels and big bags.


Filling systems AZO Collective

For plastics processing, for which is necessary to deliver a few types of material into many production machines. Fully automatic conveying the product to the production machines with a high degree transport reliability, availability and cleanliness of the working environment. High flexibility, low installation costs and fast integration of additional production machinery



Manual weighing center is controlled by physical operator and is used in production with a small number and volume of ingredients such as e.g. fillers, stabilizers, modifiers, pigments and other additives.


System filling the mixer by multiple tubes

Conveyor lines leads from each filling station to the valve with multiple ports, which is attached to weights. Valve points downwards and the product is steady.


System filling the mixer by one tube

Conveyor lines lead the products to a weighing instrument from all filling stations, such as funnel emptying stations for big bags and internal and external silos. Product is then mixed and lead by one tube and one opening into the fluidized mixer.

Vyprazdňování big-bagů

Systems for emptying big bags

Stations designed for emptying big bags. They are equipped with a lifting device and a system for connection to the big bag with pressed lid or inflatable collar. They may be combined with systems for filling bags and barrels.