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R 14-17 12-05-02 CCM

CCM (Clear Coat Molding)

Technology of production of thin-walled transparent parts from two-component PUR systems.


DCPD Molding (Dicyclopentadien)

Molding of resins based on DCPD designed mainly for the production of high-dimensional bonnet parts.

PUR tvrdá pěna

Flooding of high-valued electronic parts by PUR systems

R 09-08 05-05-02 Traktordach

LFI (Long Fiber Injection)

Spraying and moulding of composite PUR systems with long (up to 100 mm) glass fibers, technology of production of frames and bonnets.

Audi A6  Avant_30x20_300dpi

Moulded PUR window seal for car industry

lita kuze - palub.doska

Moulded skin

PUR moulded skins especially for interiors in car industry


NFI (Natur Fiber Injection)

Spraying and moulding of composite PUR systems with natural fibers.

Stanzwerkzeug 02


PUR tvrdá pěna

PUR hard foam

Production of thermal and sound insulation in the sanitary, heating and cooling equipment

R 12-23 11-02_RTM_Serienstand_2012

RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)

Molding of resins


Sandwich PUR pannels

Discontinual complete production lines



Precise cut with cold blade (e.g. preparation of perforation of airbag systems)


Skin Spray C.A.E.

Multilayer coating by a paint spraying.

BMW_GT_Blende_SkinForm_2 Teile


The combination of injection molding technology and processing PUR systems in a single operation


Slush Molding

Spraying of the powder into the rotating tempered mold

Měkká pěna

Soft foam

Production technology of hot and cold soft foam. Production of molded parts mainly for the automotive industry (seats, restraints, etc.).


Spraying filled systems

Application of PU systems - filled with glassfiber for increasing of the strength.


Very precise flexible cutting by milling head or laser

Enables very quality and automatic working of final parts.