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wicket stroje


Hudson-Sharp holds a leading position in the field of "wicket" machines that produce bags for automatic packaging, and are extremely flexible and modular.

Wicketer 5750W

5750W High speed „WICKET“ machine with servo drive

High performance machine with outstanding production speed, rapid changes in products, little scrap, and low maintenance costs. Performance over 400 cycles per minute when using multi -servo technology, high-speed option, an automatic processor "wicketových" package and many others.


Hudson-Sharp 750SGBS - Machine for sacks with bottom weld and lateral tuck-in(SGBS)

Products in laminated materials with clearer graphics are easily identifiable, which helps in selling to end users. This system produces sacks with bottom weld and lateral tuck-in with the closures of type Inno-Lok® on the front. It allows to produce sacks with or without zipper.



Machine 800 Roll-to-Roll is intended for cutting the foil LDPE / MDPE (40-80 microns) to a plurality of belts and the subsequent longitudinal welding of two rolls LDPE / HDPE CLAF or mesh (300 micron) before re-winding during continuous operation. Machine speed is up to 100 m / min

Spodní svár


With a simple and user-friendly design and servo drive for the dimensional accuracy of bags and changing the sacks length during operation, stacking with clamps on lower weld, on the needles or with an option thick walls, traverse folding and many other options.


STROJE NA PYTLÍKY Hudson Sharp 750

The machine with servo drive producing various kinds of bags with a wide weld, such as self-standing bags, bags with 3-sided weld, tuck-in, inserted bottom, zipper etc. Thanks to its modular design and flexible configuration is capable of producing different types of bags for fertilizers, liquids, substrates, food for animals, etc

Plochý pás

WELDING MACHINES FOR BAGS: with flat discharge conveyor

Modular automated welding machines for the production of various bags - blanks of different applications (including zipper) with side or bottom weld, tuck-in, flap, cutting, handle, etc., with a number of other options and attachments with storage on a conveyor belt.