A free „Extra“ in the BOY anniversary year 2018

BOY celebrates its 50th business year – with an award

Just a few weeks before the end of its fiscal year on March 31, 2018, the machine manufacturer BOY received an honorable award. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Koblenz presented the family business a Certificate of Honor for the 50th anniversary of Dr. BOY GmbH & Co. KG. Fabian Göttlich from the IHK Regional Office Neuwied (in the picture on the right) presented this award to Alfred Schiffer, Managing Partner of the global business enterprise.

50_Jahre_BOYPresentation of the award to BOY. In the background you see an Injection Moulding Machine from the first year of production.

Since 1968 BOY has pushed forward a variety of technical developments and launched new products onto the market. One of the milestones in the history of BOY is certainly the BOY 15, with which everything started in 1968. Max Schiffer developed this machine because there was no such product on the German market. The screw-piston plasticizing, which until then had only been used on larger machines, was adapted to this machine size. The basis of the BOY Injection Moulding Machines is a fully hydraulic clamping system. The product portfolio has been continuously expanded from 150 kN clamping force to 300, 500, 800 and 1000 kN clamping force. Since 2008, modern and energy-saving servo-electric drives have been used. BOY was the first German plastics machine manufacturer with this drive technology. The efficiency of the injection moulding process is further enhanced by the EconPlast technology, which was developed and patented by BOY in 2013. A much more efficient and careful plasticizing of the materials to be processed was thus made possible.

The introduction of the microprocessor control in 1982 offered a complete new way to operate and control the machines. The further development of the Procan control series – which is currently being used in the fifth generation – offers an intuitive operation via touch screen and modern gesture functions.

By focusing on the clamping force range up to 1,000 kN, BOY offers a whole range of efficient models. Starting with the small BOY XXS with 63 kN, the model series BOY 22 / BOY 25 of which more than 25.000 machines have been manufactured, up to the four-tie-bar compact machines BOY 35 to BOY 60. The current top model BOY 100 E is the upper limit with a clamping force of 1000 kN. With the development of vertical Injection Moulding Machines a few years after the foundation of the company, BOY has earned a very good reputation worldwide.

The successful in-house development of independently processing additional injection units (BOY 2C XS to BOY 2C L) makes from conventional Injection Moulding Machines multi-component production machines in a cost-effective way. BOY also has the proper answer to the ever-increasing level of automation. In addition to the Injection Moulding machines the specially developed handling device BOY LR 5 represents a second production line of BOY. This linear robot takes over a variety of automation tasks, such as for example, the removal and separation of parts from the mould of an Injection Moulding Machine or the insertion of semi-finished products into the mould.

A lot has changed since the beginning 50 years ago, comments Alfred Schiffer. However, the determination, with which the company founder Max Schiffer started, still rules the activities of the BOY employees in development, production, administration, sales and customer care. BOY enjoys a high degree of recognition in the plastics industry. In addition to the production facility in Neustadt-Fernthal and the sister company in the USA, there are around 60 independent sales partners around the world cooperating with the specialist of Injection Moulding Machines with a clamping force of up to 1,000 kN.

A free „Extra“ in the anniversary year 2018

BOY is currently preparing a special “thank-you” for its customers in Germany and abroad: “In the year of our company anniversary we will put together a free anniversary package for all BOY Injection Moulding Machines. This package includes five free options for our customers ordering machines in the period from July 1 until to the end of the anniversary year” says Alfred Schiffer. Specifically, these are the options:

Interface for the ejector plate safety,

● four freely-programmable inputs and outputs,

● the interface package,

● the relay output during plasticizing,

● the oil filling of the machine.


Innovative into the future

With regard to the digitalization of the plastics industry – rising demands on manufacturers in terms of Industry 4.0, the digital networking of machines and their development towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) – BOY sees itself well prepared. BOY continues to be one of the trendsetters in the global plastics industry with its current motto “Innovative into the future – BOY-Injectioneering” – a motto that is constantly being implemented by innovative concepts and solutions.




IMG at the DKT 2018 show in Nuremberg


After great success of Milan Plast 2018 fair, IMG will be in action at the DKT 2018 show in Nuremberg, where it will have the pleasure to present N.2 rubber injection machines.

     First machine belongs to GUM series, with Hydro-block horizontal clamping & reciprocating screw horizontal injection.

Machine will be fully automated for production of O-RING seals, thanks to a double brush which will remove items and put them in the machine compartment.

Second machine belongs to MCV series and it’s a compression one, with top-bottom vertical piston clamping.

Clamping force 3500kN with middle plate and lower plate, which can move to the operator’s side.

Heating plates’ dimension is 700x600mm.

 For further info, please get in touch with our sales office or visit:

PLEASE visit us in our booth in NUREMBERG

2-5 July 2018

 Pavilion 12 Booth 137

IMG small

BOY presents 5 exhibits at the Plast Milan

 BOY presents 5 exhibits at the Plast Milan

From May 29th to June 1st 2018 the doors of the internationally important plastics trade fair Plast Milan will open. In the “Plastics Hall” 24 / booth B11 the German machine manufacturer BOY will be present at the booth of its Italian representative ST.A.TE. Technologies srl and will show three of its Injection Moulding Machines. BOY and ST.A.TE. illustrate the processing of Elastomers on a BOY 35 E in the “Rubber Hall” 11 / booth B21. Another BOY 35 E will be shown on the booth of a partner company.

This year’s trade fair motto “Shaping the future together” also applies to the Italian BOY representative. Matching to the Milan motto, the current BOY slogan “Innovative into the Future” also aims in the same direction. The German family business has also successfully aligned its product range to changing market requirements.

Components of a LED- part are manufactured on a BOY 60 E (600 kN clamping force) equipped with double pump. The two installed servo pumps of the BOY 60 E enable parallel movements and simultaneous operating sequences. Thus, efficiency-conscious users, who choose BOY for this drive alternative, save valuable time in the part production during each cycle.


The other exhibits at both ST.A.TE. trade fair booths are a BOY XXS and two BOY 35 E. The smallest BOY Injection Moulding Machine with a clamping force of 63 kN shows a micro injection moulding application. The BOY XXS, designed as a desktop machine, will impress with its patented Procan ALPHA 4 machine control and dynamic servo drive. With a screw-plasticizing of 8 to 18 mm according to the “first in first out” principle, maximum specific injection pressures of up to 2750 bar are available. A 25 mm movable injection unit allows decentralized gating. The diagonal arrangement of the two tie bars makes the plasticizing unit, tool room and ejector easily accessible. The tool room has been specially optimized for the accommodation of microforms from many well-known standard manufacturers.


The three four-tie bar BOY 35 E machines complete the exhibition appearance of BOY at Plast Milano. The model family of the BOY 35, including the insert moulding machine BOY 35 VV are among the best-selling BOY Injection Moulding Machines of last year.